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CI-fue - Advanced Hair Transplantation

Welcome to CI-fue, the advanced hair care clinic. We provide the most advanced and innovative hair care in a hygienic, relaxed and refreshing environment.

CI fue - Hair Transplantation Clinic

Who we are

CIfue has become one of the most trusted and dynamic centre for patient care in clinical Dermatology. We at CIfue continuously strive to achieve excellence in patient care by providing individualized diagnosis and treatment.

Our Clinic is well equipped with all the sophisticated equipment to carry out the latest techniques in Hair transplantation.

  • Ultra refined follicular unit grafting.
  • Mega, Super Mega or Giga sessions.
  • Moustache & Beard reconstruction.
  • Eye lash & Eye brow restoration.
  • More than 4500 hairs per sitting.
  • Trichophytic closure.
  • Natural Hairline design.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction.
  • Dense Packing.
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CIfue offers the best hair transplantation treatment in Kerala.

Our clinic has always been about high-quality hair transplantation.
We’ve always wanted to make sure that on par with healing the hair loss and balding issues, we also do our job in propagating the hair loss prevention as well.

Why Ci-Fue

Some of the reasons that makes CIfue the BEST hair transplantation centre. We are different, we are dedicated.

Best Quality Results

We have the most successful and efficient track record. All our customers so far have the best quality results.

Min Wastage of Grafts

We are concerned about the wastage of grafts and make sure that not a single hair graft is wasted.

Experienced Doctors

Our panel of Doctors consist of experts Doctors with years of experience and expertise.

Best price

Our services are available at the most economical prices in the market, without compromising the quality.

Our Services

We offer the following services with love....for our beloved customers.

FUE Hair Transplant

A popular hair transplant technique where follicular units are extracted from a patient's bald resistant donor areas one at a time.

FUT Hair Transplant

A hair restoration technique where hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, called follicular units.

Dynamic Direct Hair Implantation

Follicles are implanted one by one in a specific direction, angle and depth, with the DHI implanter and provides 100% natural results.

Body Hair Transplant

Procedure to restore hair to any body part, like chest and abdomen, to thicken the existing hair or provide hair growth where there is none.

Facial Hair Transplant

Procedure to restore hair on face where growth is thin or missing, like on the goatee, mustache, beards, sideburns and cheeks.


A type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat deposits from body parts such as arms, thighs, chest, abdomen, love handles and neck.

Milestones Achieved

Some figures that inspire us to keep up the good work, move ahead faster than yesterday and conquer new levels.

FUEs Done
Mega Sittings
Expact Clients
Success Rate